Join us for transformational course at KMEC to deepen your meditation and yoga practice, become a yoga teacher, healer or wellness practitioner. KMEC attracts top teachers from around the world and we invite you join us for a training.

The Inner Work-Soul Renewal Retreat

June 1 - 8 2019

If you are yearning for a soul renewal, a fresh start, or an inner transformation - join us on Big Island Hawaii immersed in the life-changing energy of the most recent lava flow.

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Compassionate Healing Therapy

MArch 23 - 30, 2019

Enjoy a week-long retreat, with Arts of Compassionate Healing, away from all distractions, allowing you to consciously connect with yourself and/or your partner. Amal and Breanna will be guiding you through conscious activities bringing you into your highest potential. This retreat is for anyone willing and ready to connect with themselves or their partner on a deeper level.