GO Vegan Retreat

January 7th - 14th, 2020

Are you ready to start your plant-based journey?

Together we learn how to go vegan and how to maintain this loving lifestyle!


E Komo Mai

Kirpal Meditation and Ecological Center has been known for its outstanding vegan and gluten free cuisine. We have welcomed many people from all over the world to our beautiful center to enjoy the compassionate and loving lifestyle we create here at KMEC. The Go Vegan Retreat will focus on teaching people how to live a healthy, plant-based, vegan lifestyle through cooking classes, workshops, and exquisite chef prepared meals with a dash of Hawaiian fun and adventure.

Our Offering

We are very excited to share our plant-based, self-caring and sustainable lifestyle with you during this 8 days / 7 nights GO Vegan Retreat! We have planned a combination of conscious cooking classes, informative food workshops, mindful yoga and meditation sessions, relaxing beach times and adventurous excursions to explore the beautiful and lush Hawaiian Island.

Main highlights, including:

  • 3 vegan and gluten free meals a day, freshly prepared for you by our exquisite KMEC chefs

  • 7 nights accommodation in one of our cozy off-grid cabins

  • Cooking classes with our in-house chefs

  • Vegan Beginner Workshops

  • 2 full day excursions to explore the beautiful and lush Hawaiian Island

  • Daily Yoga and Meditation classes accommodating all levels

  • 1 vegan cookbook authored by one of our amazing, creative chefs

  • Shuttle from Hilo Airport to/from KMEC and more!

Please note that your flight to/from the Big Island is not included in our offering!

Additional Highlights:

  • Friendly and loving staff

  • Safe and purified state-of-the-art rainwater catchment system for drinking

  • Nearly 100% solar powered (generator assistance when needed)

  • Lovely 11 acres of fruit trees and forest

  • Fresh linens, blankets and towels

  • Sound of the surf in the distance

  • Safe, peaceful, healing ambiance; with many flowering plants

  • Freshest air on the planet from the fragrant Trade Winds

  • Clear and beautiful star gazing


Cooking Classes

Shining light on plants and cultivating a new way of eating. In these classes you will learn how to pick out the best ingredients, efficiently prepare many different foods, and create balanced and nourishing meals. With this hands on approach to cooking, taught by our gourmet chef, you will gain the skills and confidence needed to build nutritious breakfasts, amazing salads and dressings, smoothies, work lunches, and much more.

Plant-Based Workshops

Complementary workshops await you. Together we will develop strategies on how to include a vegan diet into our lives. We will touch on nutritional values and medicinal properties of fruits and vegetables. We will learn more about food combinations to fully maximize health benefits. We will get a better understanding of the impact a vegan diet has on our planet, our animals, our health and our fellow humans. Get ready for valued, interactive knowledge to support your choice of a vegan lifestyle!


Yoga & Meditation

Mindful yoga and meditation classes will be available to you on a day to day basis to immerse even further into a daily self-caring routine for your body, mind, and soul. These classes provide you a comprehensive insight to yoga and meditation with simple and long-lasting techniques to incorporate in your daily life. Our yoga and meditation classes are beginner orientated and a great refresher for any more advanced partitioners.

Hawaiian Excursions

Two full days of exploring and enjoying the beautiful and breathtaking sceneries of the Big Island of Hawaii. We will be one with nature and learn how to be plant-based outside of our little sanctuary here at KMEC. Get excited for adventurous hikes, walking on sandy beaches, swimming in fresh water pools surrounded by majestic waterfalls, enjoying to-go lunches under the sun from our gourmet chefs, ordering vegan food at local, conscious restaurants, and much more!

Retreat Packages

Location & Accommodation

We are excited to host you at our beloved Kirpal Mediation & Ecological Center. We are located a half mile from the beach, our ocean view sanctuary has access to swimming, fresh fruits, thermal ponds and the newest black sand beach in the world created by the 2018 lava flow.

Spread across 11 acres of lush land 12 cozy, off-grid cabins are awaiting you along with an outdoor community kitchen and dining lanai (area), a breezy and spacious Yoga Hale (space) and a custom designed Balinese Meditation Pavilion.


Our all-inclusive packages consist of 3 vegan and gluten free meals a day, a variation of cooking classes and complementary workshops, yoga and meditation classes, 2 full day excursions, your choice of accommodation, a shuttle from Hilo airport to/from KMEC, and more during your 8 days / 7 nights GO Vegan Retreat. The difference in prices are due to our offering of a variety of accommodation styles; a style for every budget. All our prices are including taxes.

Economy Package

We have 2 economy options available for you. We offer 3 shared cabins with a maximum occupancy of either two or three people as well as 2 single cabins. Both options feature a twin bed as well as access to shared bathroom facilities.

Mango Cabin (Shared, max. 3 people)

$1’999.00 per participant


Rollinia Cabin (Shared, max. 3 people)

$1’999.00 per participant

Milo 3 Cabin (Shared, max. 2 people)

$1’999.00 per participant


Papaya Cabin (Private, max. 1 person)

$2’139.00 per participant

Milo 1 Cabin (Private, max. 1 person)

$2’139.00 per participant


Standard Package

Our standard cabins feature a queen bed and access to our shared bathroom facilities. The stated prices below are for the exclusive use of each cabin.

Milo 2 Cabin (Private, max. 2 people)

single: $2’349.00 per participant

double: $1’863.55 per participant


Yoga Hale Room (Private, max. 2 people)

single: $2’615.00 per participant

double: $1’996.55 per participant

Lilikoi Cabin (Private, max. 2 people)

single: $2’615.00 per participant

double: $1’996.55 per participant


Cacao Cabin (Private, max. 2 people)

single: $2’615.00 per participant

double: $1’996.55 per participant


Deluxe Packages

Our deluxe cabins feature a queen bed and your own attached private bathroom. In addition, you have a private porch for your exclusive use only.

Noni Cabin (Private, max. 2 people)

single: $2’709.00 per participant

double: $2’143.55 per participant


Butterfly & Dragonfly Cabins

(Private, max. 4 people)

Our Butterfly and Dragonfly Cabins can sleep up to four people. Would you like to bring your family or friends along to immerse into a vegan lifestyle together? Seize the opportunity!

single: $2’919 per participant

double: $2’248.55 per participant

triple: $1’499.05 per participant

quadruple: $1’124.30 per participant


Plant-Based Lifestyle

Earth / Planet

The meat industry creates a crazy amount of waste, deforestation, overfishing, and pollution.  It is one of the leading causes of climate change. Going vegan is just one way to fight the crisis our planet is facing right now.


Vegans are less likely to develop heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and high-blood pressure than meat eaters are. Animal flesh is also often contaminated with feces, blood, and other bodily fluids - causing animal products to be the top source of food poisoning in the U.S.



Being vegan is about living a lifestyle that does not cause suffering, harm or death to animals, and allowing animals to be free to choose the way they want to live.  All use of animals for food, clothing, entertainment, pets or experimentation involves utilizing animals against their will, and usually involves their suffering and deaths. Being vegan can save up to 100 animals each year!


The more vegans in the world, the better we will be able to feed the hungry. About 70% of the grain grown in the US feeds livestock, and, globally, 83% of farmland is set aside to raise animals. It's estimated that 700 million tons of food that could be consumed by humans goes to livestock each year. It also takes 100 to 200 times more water to raise a pound of beef than it does to raise a pound of plant foods. We need to put these resources to better use!

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